Maynard H. Dokken - Family & Friends

Maynard L. Dokken (Maynard Jr.)

My Dearest Dad, you were the light in my world, the wisdom in my days and the guiding lights in my nights. You were the greatest father in the world. You loved all your children, grandchildren and all those that had the opportunity to know you.

I will always have such fond memories of our daily routine together, first to Starbucks to have coffee with the crew, then over to Thrifty’s to get the daily list of perishables and on some days over to the drugstore, and finally rounding it up with social gatherings in the lobby with all the tenants and you. The days we were at the front of your building talking to the many people that wanted to hear your words of wisdom and life experiences and how you shared stories of all your children and how proud you were of all of us showed your caring and thoughtfulness.

You shared with me a very important phrase from your many words of wisdom “never prejudge someone as you will never know what they are capable of being”. That has guided me for my whole life and my passion to find solutions for all of us that make life better.

I will always remember those treasured moments together looking out at the ocean from 305 Denison Rd and our trips to the ocean when you lived in James Bay. The times we went out for lunch at the Oak Bay Beach Marina and Penny Farthing Pub (Monday special - two for one Fish n’ Chips) and we knew you were doing it for us.

You were the greatest father to all of us and I remember your words to me “all I want is for my children to enjoy life and help each other”. I hope that wish comes true.

You were the warmth in this universe of cold and your kindness knew no bounds. Some day I will see you again and the light will come from your soul to keep me warm again.

Love Your Maynard Jr. Forever :)

Aarrynne Dokken-Isgar

Although it is so painful that you are no longer here in this world with us, I feel overwhelming gratitude for having had you as my dad. I loved our Wednesday night coffees or pub dates and Sunday night dinners, when I lived in Victoria. Every conversation we had enriched my mind, heart and life. Our family motorhome trips were so much fun. You never lost patience in answering us when we would ask for the thousandth time “when will we get there dad?” And you always tried to find a KOA campground with a pool! You mapped out each trip with such care and love, just as you guided us in life with your loving words of advice. Thank you Dad. I’m glad that you are with Mom, your parents and Katchina again. I’ll love you forever and try to live a good life to honour you and mom. Love ad infinitum, Aarrynne (no. 5 ?)

Nammarra Dokken George

I remember your speech at my wedding describing your marriage to mom as the “Little tug boat pulling the Queen Mary into the harbour”. Small but mighty she was. You were mighty and mighty. A formidable combination. I would say to Dad “I love you more than a little and less than too much”. Our father could never be loved too much he deserved infinite love and so he has it. I have all the little moments in my memories and I will share them with my children and they will live on. I looked up to my father my whole life and always will.

Claudette Grange

My fondest memory of Mr. Dokken is of him seated at the baby grand piano beside his tiny strawberry blond granddaughter teaching her how to play the piano then giving up and just playing for her.

Another memory is when I called Mr. and Mrs. Dokken at their Victoria home because I was lost up island and didn’t know my way back.

He gently asked “What’s wrong dear?”

I started to cry and then he said, “Eileen, our Claudette is lost, can you pick up the other phone?”

Then they both calmed me down and gave me directions to get home. I was actually only 15 minutes away but they understood being lost could feel like 15 hours away from home.

Such a wonderful gentle kind father. Such a wonderful kind person. I’m blessed to have known you.

R.I.P. Mr. Dokken. Glad you are at home now with Mrs. Dokken.

Jamie Florczak

The 1980's were an interesting time, with many memories vivid and foggy alike. The first time I met Mr. Dokken in 1982 remains a crystal clear event. I knocked on the door to call on his daughter, and he greeted me. His infamous size was matched by his full, deep voice. I introduced myself, we shook hands, I explained why I was at his home, and he laughed!!

I came to know him well as a teenager and to appreciate him as an adult. As so many of you have already eloquently and accurately stated, Mr. Dokken was a large man in heart, intellect and stature. Despite his seemingly intimating characteristics, he was ultimately a kind person who wanted the best for his wife, their six brilliant children and their friends.

Anyone who knew Mr. Dokken was well aware of his limitless love for Mrs. Dokken - his wife, his Aileen. Certainly she and he shared a special connection. Frankly was the bond so strong between them that I had expected Mr. Dokken to follow shortly behind Mrs. Dokken’s passing. This was not the case. Instead he survived his Aileen as a single man for 17 years. The reason for the delay seems simple. Mr. and Mrs. Dokken knew in life and in death they were meant for each other, and that anything of true importance revolved around the well being of their beautiful children. With this in mind it seems clear Mr. Dokken had no alternative except to stick around a few extra years to be sure all remained as well as well could be with his family.

With his death Mr. Dokken has physically left us. How lovely it is to imagine he and Mrs. Dokken are together again. They must be so very proud of their children, and the life they all shared together.

With love, please accept my condolences for your loss. Mr. Dokken, you were a terrific person, and I have been very fortunate to know you and your family.


Shannon Hill-Nahbexie

The Dokken family left a lasting impression on me when they lived in Melfort. I was a classmate to Aarrynne and my two sisters were the same age as Allanna and Nammarra. I remember there house was just across the street from our elementary school. I was invited to visit. I remember their Mom looked like a movie star and their Dad was such a gentle and kind but immense presence.As I visited, I heard the music, the laughter, the commotion of so many kids and their friends. I just had to know all their names and middle names and memorize their unique spellings. What left me spellbound was as we left the house their children unashamedly said ‘I love you!’ to their parents and their parents said it back and included a squishy hug! I had never seen such affection opening displayed like that before. I remember thinking it was so nice and I wished for that too.
My sister told me of Maynard’s passing and we talked of a mutual memory. One day we were both invited to a giant all girls slumber party that was held at Dokken & Associates Law Office. There must’ve been a dozen of us. We played office long into the night, fake typing, using the phones, and taking notes haha! I remember Mr. Dokken was working away in his office and he endlessly patient and sweet. I’m not sure how late we stayed up but thinking back he must’ve stayed up all night to ensure all our safety and happiness. The family was definitely missed and not forgotten when they moved away. Extending my sympathies to your entire family and I shared this to remind you all that the greatest thing of all is LOVE!

Lionel and Mary Lavoie

Dear Dokken family,
We too recall Maynard’s enormous laughter and infectious happy presence. We are remembering him in our community as a leader and an organizer. He exercised a strong family presence with music and school.
Often we think of both Maynard and Aileen when we attend our church.... many years ago they gifted stained glass windows in memory of Father Sharkey. The outstretched arms symbolic of Our Lady of Consolation embrace us with beautiful precision and colour.
We are sending our hugs and sincere condolences to all your families. He has left the world a better place through each of you...
Lionel, Mary, Rob, Michelle Nicole and Andrea Lavoie

Nealia House

A laugh so joyful you could feel it from your head to your toes. A hug so warm it enveloped you in its love. A twinkle in his eye so dazzling it gave a window to the brilliance inside.

Love you always, Grandpa - Ning

Teresa Laturnus

My deepest sympathies to the whole Dokken family.
The best memories I have of Maynard is going to the house on Denison with Allanna (after the disco closed), eating junk food and hearing stories of all the kids when they were growing up. Over the years the story telling continued whenever there was a family dinner or event (I am very grateful for being included!) I especially enjoyed Maynard & Aileen’s piano playing and singing sessions with everyone joining in! So much fun!
Maynard will be missed by all who loved him and we will all cherish our amazing memories!
Teresa xoxo

Tove Barlow

Dear Dokken Clan,

My heart goes out to you all, at this very sad time.
'How lucky you are, to have had someone that makes saying goodbye so hard'.

Your parents/grandparents were some of the most delightful people, I have had the privilege to meet.
When they first arrived in Victoria, I picked them up at the Empress Hotel, and your father turned to your mother and said: 'Mother, we have got a blonde in a Mercedes'.

Their search was on, for a great family home with 6 bedrooms for their wonderful large family.
As most of these large estates had been turned into suites, it was not the easiest task.
But, I knew the owner of 'Kingsmount' the fabulous estate at 305 Denison Rd. and it was perfect.

Many happy family years were spent there, and when it was time to move on, Maynard & Aileen kindly contacted me again.
We had so much fun together, each time a new residence was needed, and I shall never forget the gentle ways of Aileen & the often mentioned amazing laugh of Maynards.
Their love of their family was so evident, in everything the said & did.

I just know, they are dancing in heaven together again.


Emanuel Sonnenschein

As Maynard's first articling student, I had the privilege of learning many things about the practice of law and matters related thereto.
One of my most important tasks was getting Maynard to return from the coffee shop.
He was an extremely good business promoter and had quickly developed the biggest estate practice in the Judicial Centre.
He had an extremely good view of the ethics of practicing law.
My best wishes to his descendants.
Manny Sonnenschein, Q.C.
Mac George

Mackenzie George

Always will remember grandpa spending entire days with me when I was pretending to be sick from school. It felt like we spent hours just talking despite me being about 10.
A life well lived by a great and strong man.
Love you.

Tanya Smithson

“Well if it isn’t Tanya Smithdaughter”...and his laugh erupted. Each and every time. The joke was perpetual. I always laughed because he knew how to laugh the best.
The biggest man, the biggest laugh, and the kindest heart and the gentlest soul.
I was so blessed to be a part of the family and celebrate life like no other!

Frazer House

Grandpa was a great big man with a great big laugh and a great big interest in the world and everyone in it. He loved a little bit of light mischief too. I often remember him sneaking baked goods that he wasn't supposed to have - and sharing one with me to form a conspiracy. Grandpa could be counted on to have a view just as much as he could be counted on for his tremendous charity of spirit. I'll always be grateful to Grandpa. Love forever.

Quinn Kliman

Grandpa had the best stories about Saskatchewan and Mexico. He always lit up when talking about Nana and how tough she was. He loved that woman more than anything and now they are both together again.

Ruth Ilnytzky

Our sincere condolences on the loss of your dear father, grandfather and great grandfather.
With our love,
Ilnytzky family, Victoria

Ava George

He had a way about him that made you feel like the most fascinating person in the room. He was always so attentive and laughed with you always. A laugh that no one could ever forget. We are all better for having known his kind heart, and having learned from his wisdom.

Maureen Connelly

To Aurora, Maynard jr, Danny, Nammara, Aarrynne and Alayna, and your families. Our thoughts are with you as you begin to say a gentle good-bye to your Dad, knowing he is now with Auntie Eileen. May they not create too much ruckus in their reunion. Uncle Maynard, his smile, his huge laughter, was bigger than life in my little eyes as a child, and as we and our families grew over time. Remembering too your family’s singing and your mom’s sparkling eyes. The crazy motor home trip around Cape Breton (when we lost Danny) etched a just one family memory in a blur of tartan, ice cream and song. You are blessed, for all times, to have such wonderful fun caring parents. Be together and stay together.
With my love and heart-felt thought for each of you,
your cousin Maureen and family

Tami Traynor

Maynard has passed on, but his thoughts, hopes, and dreams live on in his children and grandchildren.
May his memory be eternal. Your Dad truly loved his family. ?

Tami Traynor

Leslie Corman-Sharples

“Yes...dear”, a sleepy Mr. Dokken replied to Aarrynne (and I) on many occasions, late at night as he drove us home from whatever shenanigans we had gotten into. He was calm in his slippers and housecoat when other parents would surely not be so patient...he never passed judgement and was always a such a loving father to his children and to the rest of us who were lucky enough to be welcomed into the Dokken household. You will forever be loved and missed.

Stephen Isgar

Wise beyond words and gently benevolent, all those Sunday evenings together and our shared enjoyment of Rumpole has been a privilege that I shall miss. You taught me to never apologize easily and love fiercely.

Aaron George

Some of my fondest memories were when I was very young. In the years when Nana and Grandpa lived in Kingston with us.
Knowing he was always at home to give us adoration and love.

There was something odd and consoling about being called sweetheart when you are a boy, but it always warmed my heart...

You will be deeply missed,
Love Always, Aaron

Bert Barr

I sure like to talk and it seemed like he liked to listen! Loved his company. Smart man. Great man. I will miss him.

Namarra Dokken Isgar

I am so grateful for my grandpa, for all he has done, for the love he created, and for the memories I’m left with. Grandpas love was unconditional for everyone, no matter what grandpa always loved. I love him more than I was ever able to express, but I’m confident in a prayer each night, he is open eared. “Oh, I love you too sweetheart” constantly plays in my mind. I love you more grandpa.

Keith Taylor

My sincere condolences to Maynard,s Family I have many fond memories of working with him as a lawyer in northern Saskatchewan and more recently here in Victoria it was always a pleasure to be in his company

Jerry Atnikov

So sorry to learn of Maynards passing..I enjoyed his company at our Friday lunches where I first met him.

Jerry Atnikov