Scam & Fraud Alert


The words "I dunno about this, I don't want my picture out there man" , Maynard Dokken's "nervous laugh" in the background and the evasive actions displayed in this video speak volumes.


This video, of Maynard Dokken and his RIF Industries / VIAORO cronies, was captured quite possibly after a day of selling “ Gold Ore Tailings ” to unsuspecting people with the promise of high returns through the sale of the extracted Gold. The only problem is that out of the hundreds of people who purchased Millions of dollars worth of these supposed “ Gold Ore Tailings ”, nobody received those returns, nor were they reimbursed for their initial investment. As it turns out there actually is no evidence that the money was ever even used to buy the promised “ Gold Ore Tailings ” and the mining company that was willing to supply the tailings has shown transparency and made themselves fully available to all concerned… so where did all the money go? That is the Million Dollar question.


If you feel that you are a victim of this scam & fraud perpetrated by MAYNARD DOKKEN, RIF Industries or VIAORO as described above please e-mail to add your complaint to the mounting list… it's time to see that justice is done !!!